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I used to post fanfic on this account, but in an attempt to sync up my fanfic usernames, I've decided to post/link any new fics (2014 and later) to fdraskol/[personal profile] raskol. Other places to look for my fic include FFN and AO3, but note that I am more selective about what gets posted to those sites. Old fanworks will remain unlocked on this journal, but if you're here only for the fic, you might be better off checking out the aforementioned accounts instead.

If, however, you want to be let in on my immensely boring life, please drop me a comment! I am pretty open to friending people if we've exchanged words before or have similar interests. (And, vice versa, feel free to defriend me if I am too mundane for you.)

If you need to contact me about anything and for some unknown reason don't want to PM me, here's your chance to do so. Comments are screened and anonymous commenting is enabled, so have at it!

long overdue

Spoilers for Berg (blacked out).

Berg, Carol -- RevelationCollapse )

Stewart, Mary -- The Crystal CaveCollapse )

TBC: The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison & Rethinking World Systems: Diasporas, Colonies, and Interaction in Uruk Mesopotamia by Gil Stein.
Now reading: The Hollow Hills by Mary Stewart.

the rage of achilles

No spoilers, unless you haven't read the Iliad.

Miller, Madeline -- The Song of AchillesCollapse )

Shay, Jonathan -- Achilles in VietnamCollapse )

TBC: Revelation by Carol Berg & The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart.
Now reading: The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison.

Ebooks-Tree debacle

So a for-profit website called Ebooks-Tree scraped the AO3 servers, downloaded a bunch of fic, and uploaded it onto their own website. If you have ever written and posted fic to AO3 (even just one!), your stuff might be on there, so I encourage you to search the site for your AO3 username. If you find your fic on there, you can contact them to (maybe) get your work(s) removed.

Here's an AO3 post on the issue with more details/instructions. Here is another post that provides a generic form to submit.

Thanks to [personal profile] wallwalker for bringing this to my attention.


january!fic (+ a few november!ficlets)

A Chance of Rain
(FF7) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~230 words, PG, Angeal & Genesis
Angeal and Genesis try to outrun a storm.

Brewed Awakening (FF7) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~200 words, PG, Angeal & Genesis
Genesis was an absolute monster in the mornings.

Decisions (FF7) -- [LJ, DW]
~375 words, PG-13, Angeal & Lazard
It was close to a year since he'd set foot in Wutai.

(I'm never sure what to do with these sorts of small snippets. They're either discards from larger stories or really tiny drabbles, so they don't really warrant their own entries on FFN/AO3, but then just leaving them in a corner of my hard-drive seems a bit sad.)

ETA  (5/11/15): Posted the first two on AO3 and FFN after some hemming and hawing; don't think those snippets will be cannibalized into larger fics.

Awake (FF10) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~750 words; PG; Bahamut, Auron, & Tidus -- for [personal profile] monsterboy
He dreamed of beginnings.

Man's Best Friend (FF6) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~690 words, PG-13, Shadow & Interceptor -- for [personal profile] vrazdova
He'd never much liked dogs.

math dragons

So I told myself I would collect four book reviews in one post. Then it just didn't happen, primarily because: "Fuck, I have to write four reviews before posting it all? That is so many words! Maybe tomorrow, I guess."

That was several weeks ago. But today, I happened upon a magnificent idea! Why don't I just post them one at a time and dust off this journal?


Hartman, Rachel - SeraphinaCollapse )


And a very belated happy holidays to everyone! I swear I will catch up on reading/commenting (or at least try).

TBC: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, Hawk by Steven Brust, Achilles in Vietnam by Jonathan Shay.

pimp post: three sentence ficathon 2014


Come join! Leave prompts! Write prompts! Low-stress! 

... oh, but not-so-secretly, I just want someone to fill my Seraphina prompt.


lies! all lies!

I actually finished reading this book last Friday but didn't have any breathing space until today.

No spoilers (or if there are, they are extremely vague and not plot-related), but beware the comment section.

Lynch, Scott - The Lies of Locke LamoraCollapse )


I was going to buy groceries yesterday evening and walked straight into the middle of a book fair.

Then I bought six books.

It was around 30 minutes from closing, so the boxes were super-messy and hard to sort through, but I picked up Assassin's Apprentice and Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb (which I've read but hadn't owned). I probably should've picked up the copy of Fool's Fate that I found; I own a copy, but when I got it, it was missing a page in the 800s (infuriating). Of the books I haven't read, I found Jacqueline Carey's Banewreaker and Godslayer, Zelazny's Roadmarks (they didn't have any Amber books), and Gene Wolfe's The Knight (which is overdue reading for me; I've heard a great many things about his prose).

But right now, I'm reading Carol Berg's Transformation! I've read Song of the Beast several years ago, but unfortunately I don't remember enough of it to really say anything about it, other than "DRAGONS. MUSIC. DRAGON-SONG. YEAH!" Anyways, I'm about 120 pages into Transformation right now, and I only have one specific complaint about one particular scene in the book, which is somewhat astonishing. We'll see if it holds true for the next 300 or so pages, though.

And I still don't have a copy of Brust's Hawk. D:


Both churned out for the Chocobo Races. Apparently September was the Month of Nanaki for me. Thanks to [personal profile] dragonmoth for the help and support!

By Candlelight (FF7) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~2000 words, PG, Aerith & Nanaki -- for [personal profile] mako_lies 
Aerith and Nanaki find each other in the dark.

Close Encounters (FF7) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~2700 words, PG-13, Nanaki & Vincent -- for [personal profile] thousanth 
Quiet nights give way to disquieting company. In the mountains of Nibelheim, Nanaki and Vincent practice the fine art of not quite speaking their minds.


And that's it for the summer! Classes started today for me, so I'll be a tad bit more absent than I already am, but I'll try to check in from time to time.

Also, trying to finish The Lies of Locke Lamora before the quarter starts in earnest. In the 500s now. So close, yet so far.

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