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I used to post fanfic on this account, but in an attempt to sync up my fanfic usernames, I've decided to post/link any new fics (2014 and later) to fdraskol/[personal profile] raskol. Other places to look for my fic include FFN and AO3, but note that I am more selective about what gets posted to those sites. Old fanworks will remain unlocked on this journal, but if you're here only for the fic, you might be better off checking out the aforementioned accounts instead.

If, however, you want to be let in on my immensely boring life, please drop me a comment! I am pretty open to friending people if we've exchanged words before or have similar interests. (And, vice versa, feel free to defriend me if I am too mundane for you.)

If you need to contact me about anything and for some unknown reason don't want to PM me, here's your chance to do so. Comments are screened and anonymous commenting is enabled, so have at it!

dragon age ii initial impressions (spoilers!)

Home sweet home! I just flew down to my parents' house yesterday and am now happily settled with my computer, several books, and A/C. Flight was delayed a little bit, so I touched down a tad late, but still managed to avoid the thunderstorm -- complete with heavy rain, heavy winds, heavy thunder, and heavy hail -- that started dropping around 30 minutes after I deboarded. Lucky me; I imagine if the flight was anymore delayed, they would've rerouted the plane to another state.

On another note, Dragon Age II impressionsCollapse )

a gaming summer

FF7 remake! Huzzah! I will look forward to watching playthroughs on Youtube, because there is no way in hell I can justify buying a PS4! (In fact, I am still stuck in PS2 land, and was not even aware that PS4 was actually released before I looked it up on Wikipedia just now.)

The trailer is absolutely gorgeous, though. I love what they've done for the setting and background work. Just the whole atmosphere!

I am a little bit worried about Cloud's design, however. We don't see his face, but his outfit makes me suspect that they'll be using something similar to his latest Dissidia model, which I do not like. I have always been partial to ACC!Cloud and even the PS3-demo!Cloud, and have never been a fan of his increasingly feminine design in the Dissidia series. (I feel the same about Squall's design in Dissidia. FF8!Squall has always looked the best to me.)

The other game that I am super-excited to watch playthroughs for is The Last Guardian, which I think I have been waiting for for-fucking-ever. The E3 trailer shows more footage of a scene you get some glimpses of in the old 2013 trailer, and I approve of almost all the changes I see in the 2015 trailer. It's so sunny. The boy is so cute. The gryphon-dog-thing is adorable; look at those little wings! Look at the boy jumping! Ahh! The gameplay also looks a whole lot crisper, and the boy's movements seem to straddle that line between realism and control much better than I expected. That was always one of my issues with SotC; yes, it's realistic for Wander to be bumbling around, and for there to be a lot of lag in the controls, but it made for an awful playing experience in my opinion. (To the extent that I finally just gave up playing the darn game.)


In other news, the school year's done, and I am finally alive again! Unfortunately, I still have one more paper to write, emergencies to take care of at my part-time job, and Dragon Age: Origins, which has somehow gobbled up my life. I started playing on a whim a week or two before finals, thinking I would hate it. Alas, I never learn.

Not only is it completely possible to play the whole game as a pseudo-RTS -- I really cannot stress how much I love the zoom-out option -- the game is everything I wanted from GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire, with all the parts I didn't want excised and thrown out! Not to mention, much more loveable and interesting characters. I think I fell in love with Morrigan at first sight (and later felt vindicated by my total adoration of her character when I later discovered she is voiced by Claudia Black; this pretty much explains everything). The other characters that I adored from the beginning are Zevran, Wynne, and Shale. Leliana, Oghren, Sten, and Secret Character took some time to grow on me, but grow on me they did. I think the only character that suffered a drop in my approval from the beginning of the game to the end is Alistair, who is certainly a well-written character of his type but constantly made me want to throttle him. (In the "I want to throttle all the rebels in Tigana" way, if you get the reference.)

That said, I liked Alistair in Awakening (which I am now slowly grinding through) more than I ever did in Origins. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? I find myself missing the Origins characters in this expansion, though Anders and Nathaniel aren't too bad, and Sigrun is likeable. (Oghren is Oghren.) I can take or leave Justice and Velanna ...

I kind of want to get my hands on Dragon Age 2 now, but I'm afraid my computer won't be able to run it. It's already crashing on Origins from time to time. I've also heard the combat system in Dragon Age 2 is significantly different, which makes me sad, since I love the Origins combat system.

But this decision is to be made later! Luckily, it's the summer, so I will hypothetically have plenty of time to mindlessly game, mindlessly read, and mindlessly write. After I finish this damn paper.

long overdue

Spoilers for Berg (blacked out).

Berg, Carol -- RevelationCollapse )

Stewart, Mary -- The Crystal CaveCollapse )

TBC: The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison & Rethinking World Systems: Diasporas, Colonies, and Interaction in Uruk Mesopotamia by Gil Stein.
Now reading: The Hollow Hills by Mary Stewart.

the rage of achilles

No spoilers, unless you haven't read the Iliad.

Miller, Madeline -- The Song of AchillesCollapse )

Shay, Jonathan -- Achilles in VietnamCollapse )

TBC: Revelation by Carol Berg & The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart.
Now reading: The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison.

Ebooks-Tree debacle

So a for-profit website called Ebooks-Tree scraped the AO3 servers, downloaded a bunch of fic, and uploaded it onto their own website. If you have ever written and posted fic to AO3 (even just one!), your stuff might be on there, so I encourage you to search the site for your AO3 username. If you find your fic on there, you can contact them to (maybe) get your work(s) removed.

Here's an AO3 post on the issue with more details/instructions. Here is another post that provides a generic form to submit.

Thanks to [personal profile] wallwalker for bringing this to my attention.


january!fic (+ a few november!ficlets)

A Chance of Rain
(FF7) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~230 words, PG, Angeal & Genesis
Angeal and Genesis try to outrun a storm.

Brewed Awakening (FF7) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~200 words, PG, Angeal & Genesis
Genesis was an absolute monster in the mornings.

Decisions (FF7) -- [LJ, DW]
~375 words, PG-13, Angeal & Lazard
It was close to a year since he'd set foot in Wutai.

(I'm never sure what to do with these sorts of small snippets. They're either discards from larger stories or really tiny drabbles, so they don't really warrant their own entries on FFN/AO3, but then just leaving them in a corner of my hard-drive seems a bit sad.)

ETA  (5/11/15): Posted the first two on AO3 and FFN after some hemming and hawing; don't think those snippets will be cannibalized into larger fics.

Awake (FF10) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~750 words; PG; Bahamut, Auron, & Tidus -- for [personal profile] monsterboy
He dreamed of beginnings.

Man's Best Friend (FF6) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~690 words, PG-13, Shadow & Interceptor -- for [personal profile] vrazdova
He'd never much liked dogs.

math dragons

So I told myself I would collect four book reviews in one post. Then it just didn't happen, primarily because: "Fuck, I have to write four reviews before posting it all? That is so many words! Maybe tomorrow, I guess."

That was several weeks ago. But today, I happened upon a magnificent idea! Why don't I just post them one at a time and dust off this journal?


Hartman, Rachel - SeraphinaCollapse )


And a very belated happy holidays to everyone! I swear I will catch up on reading/commenting (or at least try).

TBC: The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, Hawk by Steven Brust, Achilles in Vietnam by Jonathan Shay.

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