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friends mostly. and ... other stuff.

Grad student, sometimes-writer, and hobo.

I used to post fanfic on this account, but in an attempt to sync up my fanfic usernames, I've decided to post/link any new fics (2014 and later) to fdraskol/[personal profile] raskol. Other places to look for my fic include FFN and AO3, but note that I am more selective about what gets posted to those sites. Old fanworks will remain unlocked on this journal, but if you're here only for the fic, you might be better off checking out the aforementioned accounts instead.

If, however, you want to be let in on my immensely boring life, please drop me a comment! I am pretty open to friending people if we've exchanged words before or have similar interests. (And, vice versa, feel free to defriend me if I am too mundane for you.)

If you need to contact me about anything and for some unknown reason don't want to PM me, here's your chance to do so. Comments are screened and anonymous commenting is enabled, so have at it!

january!fic (+ a few november!ficlets)

A Chance of Rain (FF7) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~230 words, PG, Angeal & Genesis
Angeal and Genesis try to outrun a storm.

Brewed Awakening (FF7) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~200 words, PG, Angeal & Genesis
Genesis was an absolute monster in the mornings.

Decisions (FF7) -- [LJ, DW]
~375 words, PG-13, Angeal & Lazard
It was close to a year since he'd set foot in Wutai.

(I'm never sure what to do with these sorts of small snippets. They're either discards from larger stories or really tiny drabbles, so they don't really warrant their own entries on FFN/AO3, but then just leaving them in a corner of my hard-drive seems a bit sad.)

ETA  (5/11/15): Posted the first two on AO3 and FFN after some hemming and hawing; don't think those snippets will be cannibalized into larger fics.

Awake (FF10) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~750 words; PG; Bahamut, Auron, & Tidus -- for [personal profile] monsterboy
He dreamed of beginnings.

Man's Best Friend (FF6) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~690 words, PG-13, Shadow & Interceptor -- for [personal profile] vrazdova
He'd never much liked dogs.


Both churned out for the Chocobo Races. Apparently September was the Month of Nanaki for me. Thanks to [personal profile] dragonmoth for the help and support!

By Candlelight (FF7) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~2000 words, PG, Aerith & Nanaki -- for [personal profile] mako_lies
Aerith and Nanaki find each other in the dark.

Close Encounters (FF7) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~2700 words, PG-13, Nanaki & Vincent -- for [personal profile] thousanth
Quiet nights give way to disquieting company. In the mountains of Nibelheim, Nanaki and Vincent practice the fine art of not quite speaking their minds.


And that's it for the summer! Classes started today for me, so I'll be a tad bit more absent than I already am, but I'll try to check in from time to time.

Also, trying to finish The Lies of Locke Lamora before the quarter starts in earnest. In the 500s now. So close, yet so far.


Happy Labor Day!  My paltry summer!fic, with thanks to Clara, [personal profile] dragonmoth, and [personal profile] dustofwarfare for the help and support. Default links go to AO3.

Lacuna (FF5) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
500 words, PG, Galuf & Lenna
She reminded him of someone.

In memoriam (FF7) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~3100 words, PG-13, Sephiroth & Zack (+ Hojo, Angeal, & Genesis)
Funerals are meant more for the living than the dead. Following the deaths of Genesis and Angeal, Sephiroth ponders the difficulty of letting go.

Seasons (HTTYD) -- [FFN, LJ, DW]
~1900 words, PG, Hiccup & Toothless (+ Stoick & Gobber)
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Hiccup and Toothless, as the world turns.


Hoping to churn out one or two more fics before school starts in late-September and I lose what little writing brain I have. I probably just need to work out some sort of fixed schedule for writing indulgent fanfic during the year, but when classes start, it just seems impossible.
Title: What the Thunder Said
Genre: Friendship, Romance
Length: ~900
Summary: One-shot; pre-manga. Nobility obliges. Ran Fan and Ling, on responsibility. UST.
Warnings: None. PG.
Comments: Er, when it’s maybe not spring, I will write something about these two that doesn’t involve water falling from the sky. Thanks to fishandcheese for the beta; really appreciate it, buddy.


"You know, Ran Fan," he said, "when I was younger, I was convinced that I wasn't a true son of the emperor."Collapse )
Title: For Good Times and Bad Times
Genre: General, Friendship
Length: ~320
Summary: Drabbly. Toothless tries too hard to be helpful and considerate. Hiccup suffers.
Warnings: None. PG.
Comments: Set a few days after the movie, when they’re still settling down. (This film completely owns my soul. Jesus. I have such a weakness for dragons.)


Hiccup wakes to the sound of his roof caving in over his head.Collapse )
Title: and there will come soft rains
Genre: General
Length: ~900
Summary: One-shot. Sometimes, the most you can do is trust to luck. Ling and Ran Fan in the desert.
Warnings: None. PG.
Comments: Thanks to fishandcheese for lending me her eyes. (God, Ling, why are you so difficult to write?) Er, title is very blatantly ripped from Bradbury or Teasdale, whichever one you prefer. Criticism is welcomed, as always. Cheers!


Their water-casks ran empty on the fourth night of their journey through the desert.Collapse )
Title: A Time for Resting (#36a)
Genre: General
Length: 100
Summary: Drabble. Caught in the rain and soaking wet, Kino enjoys herself while Hermes worries.
Warnings: None. G.
Comments: Wu wei. Unbeta'd. Cheers!


Hermes looks on from beneath the shelter of the rocky overhang.Collapse )
Title: Summer
Genre: General
Length: ~900
Summary: One-shot. Summertime in Bastogne is beautiful. But if you wander too far out into the woods, sometimes you can hear the ghosts breathe. Malarkey revisits Bastogne after the war.
Warnings: Nothing as bad as what’s presented in the series. PG.
Comments: Sort of written for fishandcheese (who also beta'd it), because I promised her BoB fic one day, and also because Malarkey breaks my heart so damn much. (Gah, Breaking Point.) If there are any inaccuracies, feel free to point them out; I am completely unacquainted with the region around Bastogne.

Summertime in Bastogne is beautiful, they say, overflowing with life, color, sound, and movement.Collapse )
Title: Bernoulli’s Principle
Genre: General
Length: ~580
Summary: Drabbly. Feel the wind as the train passes you by. Alfons-centric.
Warnings: Dry first person writing? IDK. It's PG, though.
Comments: Thanks to fishandcheese for helping me cut down on the pretentiousness. (Seriously, the first draft was so. Fucking. Pretentious.) Also, slightly different from what was posted on . This is the uncut version. Uh, consider this my fanwork for February.


People say it's dangerous to stand too close to a passing train.Collapse )

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