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[fic] Love Letter - Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed/Winry, PG-13

Title: Love Letter
Beta: Unbeta'd
Genre: Romance
Summary: Animeverse. A letter never sent. Ed/Winry.
Warning: Language.



. . .

I dunno what I’m doing dumbest fucking idea I ever had but Al said I should try it and he gets all, you know weird if I don’t listen to him sometimes, brooding in the corner and all so

Hi. We’re living in this flat above a bakery in Lyon even though you don’t know where that is. It’s in this country called France and you don’t know where that is either so I dunno why I’m telling you all this. The language is pretty fucking impossible I’ll let you know, but Al seems to be able to spit it out pretty well. It’s like “Bonjour” and “Salut” and “Au revoir” everything, except you don’t pronounce all the fucking letters and it’s the shittiest language I’ve ever heard. And we just had to choose to live here. Dunno why I let Al choose. He seemed to think Lyon sounded like a good city and it had a pretty cool name I guess but. I mean even German was better, at least I could say a couple words but now all the people in the street give me weird looks whenever I open my mouth and they act like they’re offended.

Yeah it’s really really shitty here. If you couldn’t tell.

We didn’t find the uranium bomb. I dunno what made us think we could find it in the first place but we didn’t find it. So now we’re just trying our best to live, and I guess it’s alright except for the language (I mean, come on, bread is called pain except you don’t pronounce the “n”? What the fuck). I’m working at the library right now and Al’s helping out with the bakery to pay for the rent. So it’s pretty quiet around here and also pretty fucking boring. At least back in Amestris I was doing stuff instead of shelving books like Shes She Shesska (don’t tell her I spelled her name wrong, I know it’s wrong), even if I was a dog of the military working for Colonel Shit. By the way, how is he? Did he fix his eye, because he looked weird when I saw him on the ship, and how’d he lose it anyways? I bet he’s still creeping out of his office in the middle of the afternoon and I wish the first lieutenant would shoot the bastard already and put him out of his misery.

Okay, that was mean. But he’s a bastard so he deserves it.

. . .

There’s nothing else to talk about on my end. I told you it was boring. So . . . how’re you? I mean I hope you’re doing okay with the automail business and Granny and stuff since I’m not there anymore for you to milk for money (haha, serves you right). But yeah, how is it over there? You looked like you were doing pretty well the last time I saw you with Shesska in that creepy underground city (by the way your automail is holding up really well, thanks for that) and I hope Granny isn’t doing too badly either even though it’s probably impossible for her to get sick. I saw her double here you know. Not here here, it was in Berlin, which is in Germany (you don’t know where that is either so this is pointless), and I was crossing the street and almost got run over by her car. She stopped and lectured me for something like fifteen minutes before letting me go, thank god Al didn’t see that, he’d have lectured me for an hour or something.

Such a brat.

Anyways, I tried looking for your double here too but I miss you I don’t think there’s anything else to say so I’ll end this right here and anyways you’ll never even read this so it’s all fine

. . .


Okay, so. You know I’ve always lov liked admired you and


Shit shit shit shit shit shit.

This is. Dumb. But. I’ve never really told you thank you for everything. So. Thanks.

Yeah, this is really dumb. I gotta go, you’ll never read this, this is a dumb idea and Al’s such a brat for making me do this.

. . .



Tags: character: edward elric, fanfic, fanfic: fma, pairing: ed/winry
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